About Us



The Centre for Refugee Studies’ Student Caucus  is an enthusiastic, energetic group of graduate and undergraduate students at York University who study, research, and do volunteer and advocacy work on refugee and forced migration issues. We are motivated to engage in these issues because of both personal experiences of migration and forced migration, as well as relationships with friends and family who have undergone such experiences. Our Caucus has organized seven annual student conferences since 2006, as well as holding social events and working to promote student involvement in volunteer opportunities and the broader activities of the Centre for Refugee Studies.

By refugee and forced migration studies we mean the displacement of populations and individuals across and within borders, for reasons of persecution, expulsion, violence, violation of fundamental human rights and loss of essential human security and livelihood. It covers not only accommodation, protection, and assistance for refugees through asylum, settlement, resettlement and reintegration, but also the prevention of displacement.

Our approach is interdisciplinary, and some of our main specializations include: political science, sociology, international development, women’s studies, disaster management, geography, law, social work, etc.